Merced: A Story of Longing & Loss

By De Pree Editor

January 22, 2018

De Pree Journal
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This is the story of one woman’s risk-taking journey of migration and entrepreneurship to find sustainability for her family.

For further reflection, scroll down or click to download the companion conversation guide.

Reflection questions to catalyze conversation about longings and losses in your own vocation:

  1. Merced tells the heartbreaking story of her shop burning down. Name a time in your own life or work when you experienced heartbreaking loss.
  2. How has this experience of loss shaped your vocation?
  3. Merced talks about longing both for her granddaughter’s future and also to open her own shop again. Five years from now, what dream do you hope will be fulfilled?
  4. How does this longing shape your actions, habits, practices, and conversations in your daily work?
  5. In a way, Merced’s story mirrors the story of Job in that it is filled with loss, yet both Merced and Job praise the name of the Lord. How might you work to embody gratitude in the midst of your own vocational longings and losses?

Click to download the companion conversation guide.

Preview of the Merced video companion conversation questions.

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