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Staying Relational in Stressful Moments, Part 1

It is an understatement to say this year has brought more than its share of stressful moments.

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Practices for Growth, Part Two: Lean In and Let Go

This is part two in a series on Practices for Growth, find the first part here. It’s been a year of waiting. Waiting for…

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Gaining Margin to Give Back: An Interview with Stephanie Smith

When I interviewed Stephanie Smith – an African American woman in her late 40’s – about her hopes for the coming years in life,…

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How Not to Waste a Crisis–Even When You are Exhausted

“If I could retire today, I would,” a pastor told his executive coach recently. But he can’t retire and he wonders how he is…

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Deep Change for a Disrupted Church: A Review of Scott Cormode’s “The Innovative Church”

This article is a Review of The Innovative Church by Scott Cormode. When most church members use the word “innovation” they are usually referring…

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Time Management:
Video Intro & Guide for Devotions or Small Groups

Watch Video Now: Based on Ephesians 5:15-16, this video on time management asks us to examine our lives so that we might live more…

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