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The Problem with Leaders

What do 18-35-year-olds from around the world think about leadership? Well, they’re less than hopeful.

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #6

The Crisis of a Winning Team: Ted Lasso Season 2 and a Bonus Episode from Executive Producer, Bill Lawrence https://youtu.be/O0foZfP5QCQ Take Away: Whether you…

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Am I a Leader?

“Am I a leader?” Does that question ever cross your mind? I used to think I was a leader, but now I’m less certain….

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The Dial Tone of Heaven

He picked up the phone, heard a dial tone, and it gave him great pleasure. These days, fewer and fewer people know what that…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #5

Becoming the Little Girl: Roy Kent, Micro Leadership and Setting a Tone of Hope Take Away: In every setting anyone can lead. Key Point:…

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Right now, a staggering number of people are considering quitting their job.[1] Let’s face it, the pandemic turned our world upside down. If the…

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