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An Onramp to The New Year

Happy New Year! Here at the De Pree Center, we know those three words can bring a sense of joy for the opportunities a fresh start offers, but also a feeling of pressure to figure out how to do this next year right.

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Closing Out 2023: Your Top DPC Picks

The year is almost to a close and we wanted to leave you with some of your De Pree Center favorites from 2023. Check out all your top resources listed below to see what helped you grow and lead in a distinctly Christian way.

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That’s a Wrap: Our Favorite Resources from 2023

One of my more recent end-of-the-year enjoyments is scrolling through social media to see people post their “Spotify Wrapped” lists.

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Something to Look Forward To

My neighbor held the elevator for me and we greeted each other with the customary, “How are you?” I live in a residence for people living in the third third of their lives.

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Metacognition: A Reflective Pathway to Growth and Healing

The key to effective and fruitful reflection doesn’t lie in the content of your thoughts. It’s in your awareness and understanding of your thought processes.

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Giving Tuesday 2023

This year, I am struck by the hard questions you’ve brought to us. Whether it’s the emerging leader who asked me, “How do you know what to do when you don’t know what to do?” Or the team leader who told us, “I’ve got to let go of half my team because my boss wouldn’t deal with reality.

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