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One Job AI Can’t Replace

AI is coming for us–or at least that’s what the headlines want us to think.

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Resurrection Stories Part 4

Almost two years ago I resigned from my full-time church ministry staff position after an internal battle between wanting to stay and knowing with confidence it was time to go. 

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Resurrection Stories Part 3

I have been a widow since 2015 when my dearest, beloved husband of over forty-four years unexpectedly passed after a triple bypass surgery.

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Resurrection Stories Part 2

Following the Commencement Ceremony of my Doctor of Ministry program at Fuller in June 2016, I returned from six years on the mission field in Madrid, Spain to my home in Sydney, Australia with my wife, Sarah, and 3-year-old daughter.

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Resurrection Stories Part 1

I am an art teacher and have taught in the same school for 25 years. The school will be closing its doors in the fall. I did not know where my new placement would be.

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Design as a Catalyst Towards Redemptive Imagination: Part 2

In my previous article, I reflected on a bathroom makeover and wondered about the connection between interior design and redemptive imagination.

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