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Women Leaders are Meeting this Moment

Women Leaders are Meeting this Moment. Let’s Hope it’s Not Costing Too Much. Pre-pandemic, as part of my work, I would travel around to…

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Gratitude and Third Third Flourishing:
New Studies and Striking Implications

Introduction In March 2020 I wrote an article called “Gratitude and Lifelong Flourishing.” You can find it in the Third Third Journal of the…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: Recap

Remembering What We’ve Learned On behalf of all of us at the De Pree Center for leadership and the Church Leadership Institute, I want…

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Jack Skellington and the Search for Meaning

You may have heard of the animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen it many times! If not,…

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The Problem with Leaders

What do 18-35-year-olds from around the world think about leadership? Well, they’re less than hopeful.

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #6

The Crisis of a Winning Team: Ted Lasso Season 2 and a Bonus Episode from Executive Producer, Bill Lawrence https://youtu.be/O0foZfP5QCQ Take Away: Whether you…

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