Devotional Series: Encouragement from 1 Thessalonians

A Model for Mentors

1 Thessalonians encourages mentors to care deeply for their mentees and to share their “soul” with their mentees when it is appropriate.

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Reasons for Tender Gentleness

The Christian gospel reveals a God who became humble and vulnerable in Jesus Christ, a God who did far more than point to a way of salvation.

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Cultural Engagement and Critical Thinking

As we engage with popular writings about life and leadership, we too should learn to think critically and thoughtfully, making sure that our perspectives are consistent with the gospel.

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Gentle as a Nurse

We often hear about leaders as people who are strong, decisive, tough, and driven. The letter of 1 Thessalonians in the New Testament gives us a strikingly different picture of leadership..

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Don’t Throw Your Weight Around

We must exercise the authority we’ve been given to serve others, not to Lord it over them.

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Avoid Flattery But Affirm Freely

As disciples of Jesus, we should avoid flattery. But we should excel in genuine affirmation that seeks to encourage others.

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Whose Pleasure Matters Most?

The example of Paul and his colleagues in 1 Thessalonians encourages us to seek to please God most of all in everything we do.

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What Are Your Motives?

People are motivated by many different things. Most of us have a variety of mixed motives in life, and that’s not necessarily wrong. But sometimes our motives reflect our sinful desires.

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How NOT to Lead

We live in a day when many leaders in all sectors live and lead in ways that promote their own good rather than the good of others or the organizations they lead. The moral failure of leaders begets mistrust and suspicion.

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Sharing Your Failures

Though we should be wise when sharing personal stories, the example of the Apostle Paul and his colleagues encourages us to tell the truth about our failures and God’s amazing grace.

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The Gift of Resilience

In 1 Thessalonians we learn that resilience is a gift from God. When we face overwhelming obstacles, when we feel exhausted, we need God’s help.

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Remembering that Jesus rescues us in both future and present ways encourages us to live with energy and purpose today.

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Turning to God from Idols

We do have our own “idols,” the things we value most of all, the things that can keep us from full devotion to God. The example of the Christians in Thessalonica encourages us to turn away from our “idols” so we can serve God completely.

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Are You Jesus’s Type?

The more we grow in our relationship with Christ, the more we will become like him. As this happens, our example will inspire others to become Jesus’s type of person as well.

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Are You a Leader People Should Imitate?

People will imitate you, especially if you’re a leader. So, it would be good to ask yourself the question: “Am I a leader people should imitate?”

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