Devotional Series: Encouragement from 1 Thessalonians

A man fishing from a rowboat in an almost empty lake, with a duck a long ways off

Be Patient with All

In yesterday’s devotion I noted that 1 Thessalonians 5:14 teaches us to pay attention to what people really need from us.

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Two women sitting at a table talking

Pay Attention to What People Need from You

All brothers and sisters in the church are urged to care for each other. Pastors can help us do this well.

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A number of people putting their hands together in the middle of a circle

Pastoral Care is a Shared Responsibility

All brothers and sisters in the church are urged to care for each other.

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A quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. at the national MLK memorial, reading "If we are to have peace on earth, our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective.

Peace is So Much More

Scripture urges us to be at peace among ourselves.

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Two people's hands reaching out to touch each other

Caring Leadership

If you’re in a position of leadership in business, education, community, church, non-profit work, and/or family, you should lead by giving direction, teaching, admonishing, and guiding.

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Graffiti on the ground reading "YOU GOT THIS"

Encouragement Through Recognition and Affirmation

You know how good it feels when somebody pays attention to you, sees what you’re doing, and offers affirmation.

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Two one way signs pointing in opposite directions

Encouragement is Not a One-Way Street!

Church leaders are expected to encourage the people entrusted to their care, and for good reason.

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A shelf of Hardy Boys books

The Secret of the Missing Comma

When someone we love dies, we grieve. That’s part of being fully and freely human. Yet, as Christians, we also rejoice over that person’s eternal destiny.

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Howard Butt Jr., Mark Roberts, and Lloyd Ogilvie

One Key Way to Love Others Through Your Work

As Christians, we are called to love in imitation of God, who loved us sacrificially through Christ (see Ephesians 5:1).

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A woman holding out a pink stethescope in the shape of a heart

Work as an Expression of Love

Work can be an expression of love for others.

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An artisan working with wood and metal

Your Work Matters

No matter the kind of work you do, as long as it’s morally good, your work is part of your living as a faithful Christian. God is glorified when you use your hands – or your mouth, your brain, your feet, your arms, or you name it – to do good work.

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The Greatest Teacher of All

God wants us to understand what love is all about.

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A group of people practicing martial arts with a teacher looking on

Being Dedicated to God

As “dedicated ones,” called by God into relationship with God and living for God’s purposes, we are to grow in our dedication.

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A historic photo of Abraham Lincoln speaking at Gettysburg

The Case for Dedication

Sometimes theological language can be confusing. What does holiness really mean? And sanctification?

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An image from the Webb Telescope of many stars and galaxies

Yes, You Can Please God!

When we live by God’s guidance and for God’s glory, when we use well the gifts God has given us, then God is pleased. Yes, you can please the God who created the universe.

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