Lasso Leadership Lessons

An exclusive interview with Bill Lawrence, Executive Producer of Ted Lasso

This series includes a conversation between Tod Bolsinger and Bill Lawrence, Executive Producer of Ted Lasso, on the making of this hit show and the real life leadership lessons it teaches us. Videos, along with lessons written by Tod Bolsinger, will be released every other week when the second season of Ted Lasso drops in July!

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Lasso Leadership Lessons

Lasso Leadership Lessons: #5

Interview by Tod Bolsinger

Lasso Leadership Lesson #5- Becoming the Little Girl: Roy Kent, Micro Leadership and Setting a Tone of Hope

Take Away: In every setting anyone can lead.

Key Point: What you reinforce spreads. 

Lasso Leadership Lessons: #4

Interview by Tod Bolsinger

Lasso Leadership Lesson #4- “Believe”: When the Criticism Comes

Take Away: Emotional Intelligence and staying calm amidst criticism is the true superpower of a change leader.

Key Point: The pain in your past can become the key to your future.

Lasso Leadership Lessons: #3

Interview by Tod Bolsinger

Lasso Leadership Lesson #3- Nate the Great and Changing the Whole Stadium: Character, Organizational Culture, Collaboration

Take Away: Creating a culture where everybody matters means that everybody wins. 

Key Point: Collaborative cultures must begin at the top.

Lasso Leadership Lessons: #2

Interview by Tod Bolsinger

Lasso Leadership Lesson #2-Ted on Real Winning: It’s much more than just the score

Take Away: Ted cares more about developing character than winning. 

Key Point: Formational leaders have to care about individual “souls” and larger “systems” at the same time.

Lasso Leadership Lessons: #1

Interview by Tod Bolsinger

Lasso Leadership Lesson #1- “Ignorant and Curious”: Cynicism, Mentors and Being the Best Version of Ourselves

Take Away: Leadership begins with a commitment to be the best version of ourselves.

Key point: We often need mentors to show us a path to that best version of ourselves.


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