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dove flying

Cultivate Hope

Hope has an inner sense of elusiveness at times, even and especially when one doesn’t seem to be able to catch it, capture it, or keep it.

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dark night sky full of stars

Count the Stars

I am not hopeless because I count the stars.

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Workday Prayers: Thanksgiving in October

When we offer gratitude to God, we don’t have to shout across the heavens.

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A waiter dressed in his uniform and ready to take an order

Choosing Humility

Whether among our colleagues at work or in the wider world of social media, we who seek to follow Jesus can choose the way of humility.

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A field full of yellow flowers

Living a Mustard-Seed Life

The kingdom of God is truly present in your life in lots of “mustard seed” size actions.

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Scrabble tiles spelling "prioritise"

Embracing the Priorities of Jesus

As we learn to strive first of God’s kingdom, our priorities will become more and more like the priorities of Jesus.

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A teenage boy planting plants in a garden

What is Your Manure?

We need the Lord’s help to engage in practices that form our lives in positive ways even though we experience them negatively.

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Jesus Washing Peter's Feet by Ford Madox Brown (1852-6)

Leadership Wisdom – Becoming Peacemakers

How can the church, which is composed of people from “every tribe and tongue and people and nation,” behave differently?

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Garden Hose Spray Bottle © Gayle Chi – 2021

Leadership Wisdom – Who You See is Who You’ll Be

What does it mean that the pure in heart will “see God”?

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A man's hands folded in prayer on a Bible

Workday Prayers: Living in the Tension of Faith

When things are hard at work, when injustice prevails, we wonder where God is.

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A young woman playing a violin

Use Your Gifts Well!

Jesus says that from those to whom much has been given, much will be required.

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Adult and child hands holding a treasure map

Where is Your Treasure?

As people who strive for God’s kingdom, we choose to value what God values most of all, and this leads us to a life of generosity.

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