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two people giving high five

Whose Pleasure Matters Most?

The example of Paul and his colleagues in 1 Thessalonians encourages us to seek to please God most of all in everything we do.

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What Are Your Motives?

People are motivated by many different things. Most of us have a variety of mixed motives in life, and that’s not necessarily wrong. But sometimes our motives reflect our sinful desires.

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A crowd of stormtroopers on display


As I pause to consider the history of Juneteenth, I think about the liberation that Jesus preached as he healed individuals. He never was just about freeing and healing one person. Jesus was always about restoring that person or people group back into the society that had marginalized them.

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Grace is Gritty

The grace of God is gritty. Grace-giving and grace-receiving are part of the tough fibers that hold a community together. 

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A man standing on a mountaintop at sunrise with his arms outstretched

Workday Prayers: God is Most High

Sometimes work wants to be number one in our lives. It seeks our ultimate allegiance, that which belongs to God alone.

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A person holding up a handful of U. S. money of various denominations

How NOT to Lead

We live in a day when many leaders in all sectors live and lead in ways that promote their own good rather than the good of others or the organizations they lead. The moral failure of leaders begets mistrust and suspicion.

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Scrabble tiles spelling out "LEARN FROM FAILURE"

Sharing Your Failures

Though we should be wise when sharing personal stories, the example of the Apostle Paul and his colleagues encourages us to tell the truth about our failures and God’s amazing grace.

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A tree growing sideways out of a rocky mountainside

The Gift of Resilience

In 1 Thessalonians we learn that resilience is a gift from God. When we face overwhelming obstacles, when we feel exhausted, we need God’s help.

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A helicopter resucing someone on a rope


Remembering that Jesus rescues us in both future and present ways encourages us to live with energy and purpose today.

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A crucifix hanging on a wall with reliefs above it of God the Father (depicted as a bearded man) and the Holy Spirit (depicted as a dove), plus many angels

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

What implications does the idea of relating to those around you with the same mutual, self-giving love that characterizes the Trinity have for your life and work?

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A black and white image from deep inside a well showing beautiful sunlight at the top

No Pit So Deep

In times of trial—which there will be no shortage of for believers—we can know and feel that the Triune God is with us.

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The Grand Tetons at sunset

Workday Prayers: Worshiping God Rather than Work

Our workplace can demand allegiance that feels almost like worship. But God alone is worthy of our full allegiance, our complete devotion.

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