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The Harrowing of Hell as depicted in St. Mark's Church in Venice

We Are the Lord’s

No matter what happens, you belong to Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ is not just any old powerless idol. He is the God who suffered for us.

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The Red Sea from the view of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's coast

The Lord Will Fight for You

We have to reckon with the destruction caused by the complex interplay of divine intention and the desires of humans in the Exodus story. And we also have to reckon with something else: Jesus ultimately entered this story. He ultimately answered the violence of the way things happen in this world by submitting to it.

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A hand holding an antique pocket watch

Prayers for Workers: Your Times are in God’s Hand

There are times when the troubles and discouragements of work seem to go on and on. You wonder why God isn’t being more helpful, either making things better at work or leading you to another job. You can feel desperate, as if you’re wasting your life in a dead end job. But, the truth is that your times are in God’s hand. God is holding your life even as he is holding you. In God’s care you can be confident, even as you cry out for God to deliver you.

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A set of headphones on top of a crate

Hearing the Disturbing Words of Jesus

Sometimes the words of Jesus bring extraordinary comfort and inspiration. Sometimes, however, they are disturbing. They challenge us in our comfort and self-reliance. They force us to take a fresh look at how we’re living, to see through our self-serving assumptions. Jesus disturbs us because he wants us to experience the truest joy and meaning as we live, not for ourselves, but for the kingdom of God.

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A woman walking on a pathway with falling leaves near a lake

Going Deeper and Longer in Prayer

Short prayers are just fine. But sometimes, like Jesus, we need to devote more time to prayer. We need to share with the Lord more of what is in our hearts. And we need to be quiet long enough so we can hear the still, small voice of the Spirit. God will help us to spend the time we need in prayer so that our hearts might be more connected to the heart of God.

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Starry sky over a mountain and a lake

Jesus Pulls an All-Nighter

When Jesus faced substantial challenges or needed to make key decisions, he spent time in prayer. If the Son of God found it helpful to talk with his Heavenly Father in such times, shouldn’t we do the same?

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Stones gathered in the process of building a house

A Prayer for Labor Day

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1). But when we work for God’s glory, when we dedicate our work to God, when we allow God to work in and through us by the Spirit, then “in the Lord your labor is not in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

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A smiling barista behind a counter

Labor Day in a Pandemic, Part 2

On this Labor Day weekend, we have an opportunity to value the work of all people, especially those whose work is deemed “essential.” By offering a simple “thank you for working,” we can acknowledge their labor and affirm the difference they are making, both in the world and our own lives. Why not say to those who serve you this weekend, “Thank you for your work”?

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Construction workers working on a building

Labor Day in a Pandemic, Part 1

On this Labor Day weekend, the global pandemic makes us especially aware of ways in which our world, including our work, is broken and, therefore, workers are suffering. But, as God’s people, we acknowledge the fundamental goodness of work and we seek God’s justice and peace for all workers. We yearn for the day when God will re-establish the created goodness of work for all.

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Ruins of a temple of the Greek god Asclepius.

Being God’s Temple

We who call ourselves Christians are to live in the world in such a way that God is truly and obviously present. We are to be the “temple” of the living God, the “place” where God can be found in this world. We are to do this in our private lives and our public lives, in our families and our workplaces, in our neighborhoods and schools.

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The Cornerstone

If Jesus Christ is your cornerstone, then many of the choices that can confuse your life are removed from the range of possibilities. You will not, for example, have to spend much time worrying about whether or not to get revenge on a colleague. You won’t have to choose a life of conspicuous consumption in order to convince yourself that you matter. You won’t believe that racism is acceptable or insignificant. Building your life upon Jesus and orienting your life in the direction of his kingdom allows you to live with greater freedom, confidence, and significance.

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A red United Kingdom passport

You are a Fellow Citizen

In a day when “spiritual” people are less and less inclined to be actively involved in any religious community, when millions of Christians seem satisfied to remain disconnected from other believers, when COVID-19 keeps us from being in physical proximity with other believers, we need to hear the good news of Ephesians 2:19 and consider the implications for our lives. Because of Christ, we are fellow citizens with God’s people. We belong, not just to God, but also to the community of those who have pledged their allegiance to God through Christ.

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