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The Cristo Blanco statue of Christ in Cusco, Peru, with his arms wide open and embracing

My Lord and My God

Is Thomas, for us, an example of trust, or of unbelief?

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A New York neighborhood from the air

A Modest Proposal

How much do I allow the needs of others to dictate what I do with my possessions?

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A sunrise over a field

Workday Prayers: Glorify God as You Work

As you do your work with integrity and justice, God is glorified.

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Calling: Invitation and Summons

When God calls us, it’s both an invitation and a summons.

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A young woman talking on a cell phone on a colorful, crowded street

Calling from a Caller

When we accept our calling, we acknowledge the gracious sovereignty of God over our lives.

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An old-fashioned phone sitting on a counter

Living as a Called People

God is calling you to a life of deeper purpose, community, and hope. Will you hear and respond to his call?

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An empty tomb

The Resurrection of Jesus: Not an Idle Tale

When some of the women who followed Jesus returned from his tomb, announcing to the other disciples the good news of the resurrection, those who heard their announcement considered it an “idle tale” (Luke 24:11).

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The Grand Tetons at sunset

He is Not Here, But Has Risen!

The basic good news of Easter is found in Luke 24, when the angels say to the women followers of Jesus, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen.”

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Very old gravestones in a cemetery

Why the Burial of Jesus Matters

As we reflect on the death and burial of Jesus, we are struck by the amazing love of God for us, even as we are prepared for the celebration of Easter.

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A marble crucifix in shadow

Giving All You Are to God

As we face such uncertain times, as we continue to face challenges that feel overwhelming, we are encouraged to echo the words of Jesus, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

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The thief asks Jesus to remember him. Painting © Linda E.S. Roberts, 2007. For permission to use this picture, contact Mark D. Roberts.

Jesus Remembers You

One of the criminals crucified with Jesus cried out, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.

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A large white wooden crucifix

Unexpected King. Unexpected Salvation.

As Jesus was being crucified, a sign placed above his head proclaimed, “The King of the Jews.”

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