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Someone washing their hands under running water

True Purity

Sometimes we get so obsessed with how others see us that we fail to pay attention to our hearts.

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A Superman toy flying through the air

Eyes Like Superman

According to Jesus, our “eyes” allow the light of God’s truth to enter our souls. And our “eyes,” through our words and actions, can shine the light of God into the world.

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A picture of a wooden replica of the Ark of the Covenant (please put in caption: "Reproduced from Flickr under a Creative Commons License". "Reproduced from Flickr" should link to https://www.flickr.com/photos/fireflythegreat/5030903798/; "Creative Commons License" should link to https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)

The Last Word?

In the end, it is Jesus, not Herod, who will have the last word.

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A cross lit by the light of a stained glass window, with an image of Jesus as a victorious lamb at the center

The Word of the Lord?

I think sometimes we need to simply acknowledge that the Scriptures give us hard stories.

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The hands of someone who is swimming underwater, aiming for the sunlight above

Workday Prayers:
When You Feel Overwhelmed at Work

Psalm 69 teaches us to pray honestly and desperately when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

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A little boy in a large bed reading a very old, beaten-up King James Version Bible

True Blessedness

If we want to be blessed, we need to hear and do God’s word.

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An artist's rendition of a tornado against an orange sky, destroying a house.

The Finger of God

Wherever God is at work – both in obvious miracles and in daily blessings and empowerments – God is ruling.

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A scorpion in a fish tank under UV light, making it glow aqua

God Gives Good Gifts

When we ask God for things in prayer, God does not give us that which will hurt us.

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A crowd of people praying, with the focus on a young girl in the front

Ask, and It Will Be Given to You

When it seems that God isn’t responding, we’re urged to ask and keep on asking, search and keep on search, knock and keep on knocking.

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An adult pointing out a passage in the Bible to a toddler

Ranking the Greatest (Part 2)

The lesson of rank and greatness continues with a pivot to the kingdom.

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A black and white pedestal showing places for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place winners

Ranking the Greatest (Part 1)

Through every generation, the Son of Man continues to serve, and he tells us today that rank and greatness pale in comparison to serving him by the works of our hands.

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A woman lifting up her child in the air

Workday Prayers: God Bears You Up Every Day

Psalm 68 celebrates the power and majesty of God, who does awesome things for his people.

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