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Truth and Institutional Evil – Part II

Large-scale calamities – some natural and some caused by human evil – recur in human history. God says as much at the dedication of Solomon’s Temple from which today’s text comes: “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people” (2 Chronicles 7:13, NIV). God’s instructions address times of disaster, including economic, social, and public health ones, much like our own. At times like these, we are reminded that God’s people are to be agents of repentance and restoration of the world in which God has placed us. What might that look like today?

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My Parents at their Wedding in 1941 © The Chi Family

Truth and Institutional Evil – Part I

One of the foundational assertions of Scripture is that all human beings are created in God’s image. There are no privileged races or individuals in God’s eyes. That declaration was a radical challenge to the power of Pharaoh in Egypt during Israel’s enslavement, as it was to the Nazi regime in my parents’ day, and as it is to the power of structural racism in our generation. What will we do with that truth now?

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Prayers for Workers: Walking with Integrity

In the context of our daily work, we are sometimes tempted to do what we know to be wrong. Though we might never do things that are blatantly sinful, we may find it easy to rationalize certain “moral shortcuts.” Psalm 26 encourages us to walk with integrity in all we do. The more we put our trust in the Lord, the more we will be able to live so that all the pieces of our lives fit together perfectly.

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A man tightrope-walking over a chasm

Following Jesus Today: Honoring the Authority of Jesus – An Example

Honoring the authority of Jesus can be difficult when he asks to do what we’d rather avoid. Loving our enemies, for example, is not something we’re naturally inclined to do. Many of us also struggle with other things Jesus said, like going directly to someone who has wronged us in order to reconcile. Truly, following Jesus is not always easy, but he will help us through the power of his Spirit.

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The synagogue in Capernaum.

Following Jesus Today: Honoring the Authority of Jesus

Jesus taught with surprising authority. Those who heard him marveled at the clarity and power of his words. We who seek to follow Jesus today are called, not just to marvel, but to believe and obey. Even when Jesus says something that makes us uncomfortable – like “Love your enemies” – our challenge is to act in faithful obedience. In this way our lives are built on solid ground.

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A "PUSH" sign on a door

Following Jesus Today: Anticipating Resistance

As Jesus faithfully proclaimed and lived the kingdom of God, he faced resistance, even from those who had been close to him. We will experience something similar as we seek to follow Jesus today. Knowing that resistance will come allows us to be ready. We won’t stand alone, but will follow Jesus in a community that can help us discern what is right and persevere in the face of opposition.

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