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Lambs in a stall

How Silently, How Silently

The birth of Jesus was quite “silent,” in the sense that it happened with almost no fanfare or human attention.

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Longing for a True King

The more we are close to those who are suffering, the more we will be drawn into the spirit of Advent.

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The words "Peace on Earth" written in chalk on a sidewalk

The Way of Peace

In Advent we will often encounter the holiday wish for “Peace on Earth.”

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The Tender Mercy of Our God

God holds you with God’s own tender mercy, embracing you with a womb-like love that will never let you go.

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A number of brightly colored textiles from Oaxaca, México

The Interweaving of Time in Advent

Time is interwoven in Advent. Past, present, and future are braided together as we hope for the coming of Christ.

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An unlit Advent wreath in the daytime

When Silence and Singing Kiss

God’s faithfulness did not depend on Zechariah’s.

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A statue of the Virgin Mary, who is pointing at her heart, under a pine tree outside in the snow

Your Calling is Calling

Calling and identity are dialectical. We are called by God and we are also called by others.

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A woman holding up her hand in worship, in a room with a purple tint to the lighting

Lord, Have Mercy!

May you live these days with the joy of knowing God is rich in mercy toward you.

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The lenses of a microscope

The Mysteries of Magnification

You might say that Advent is a time for magnification.

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The Advent wreath at Irvine Presbyterian Church, with three of the four candles lit

Jumping for Joy in Advent

May your Advent be a time of rejoicing as you look forward to the celebration of Christmas.

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Michiel van Coxcie, Annunciation, 1580s Oil on panel, 30 x 39 cm The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Ultimate Availability

May God give us the grace to respond to this call in the way of Mary: “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.”

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A vegetarian burger made from beets

God of the Impossible

In the pregnancy of the Virgin Mary, God did the impossible once again.

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A person looking into the path of an oncoming storm

Fleeing From the Wrath to Come

We flee from the wrath to come by pursuing holiness of heart and life.

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A book cover that reads "You Are Loved" and has a picture of a cross made out of roses

Is That a Choir I Hear?

On the other side of darkness, Zephaniah promises, there is light.

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What Did God Birth in You This Year?

In December 2020, Michaela O’Donnell wrote an article called: What is God Birthing in You? in which she wondered about what the unusual year of 2020 was readying us for in 2021. In this article, she helps us consider what birthing might look like in our work and leadership as well as gives us an exercise to reflect on this as we head into a new year.

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