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Fifty Days of Easter Pictures

More than ever before, at least for me, these words of Romans 8 are very precious as we consider the year—more than a year—we have all just endured.

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A stream running through a desert towards the mountains

Workday Prayers: When Your Spirit is Dry

We have within us a deep need for God, a deep thirst that only the Lord’s living water can quench.

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disney home future

Called to Future Living

God has called us to eternal life.

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Two men talking beside a lake at sunset

How Does God Call Us?

The call of God comes to us through the means of human voices.

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A closeup of a white magnolia

Called to a Special Way of Living

How we live each day should reflect the fact that we have been set apart by God for relationship with him and for participation in his work.

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A man standing on a hill looking at a sunset

Calling Today into the Future

God is calling us today into his own kingdom and glory.

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A sepia-toned image of a shepherd in Iran with a group of sheep

“Everything You Need” Includes the Refreshing of Your Soul

The Lord, as your Shepherd, leads his sheep to rest.

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Sheep by water in Montana

Everything We Need (Even in a Pandemic)

In Psalm 23, the former shepherd David reminds us that God, our great Shepherd, provides his sheep with everything we need.

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A baby taking a bath in a backet, waving a cup of water in the air

Workday Prayers: Pour Out Your Heart to God

When we need God’s help, we don’t have to compose perfect prayers.

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Members of the Washington Spirit women's pro soccer team standing on the field in a large circle with their coaches

Called to Peace

God wants his people to live together in peace.

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A group of women in pink coats, seen from the back, with arms around each others' waists

How to Live Your Calling: Be Zealous for Unity

If you want to live out your Christian calling, you can start by speaking and acting in ways that support the unity of your church.

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A wooden carving of Jesus with his arms open wide

How to Live Your Calling: A Curious Starting Point

According to Ephesians, we are to live out our Christian calling each day.

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An old-fashioned rotary dial phone in a phone booth

Live Your Calling

Ephesians 4:1 urges us to “lead a life worthy of the calling to which [we] have been called.”

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Grape vines in France, with one bunch of grapes growing on them

Much Fruit

The reason we go through pruning and watering..

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The night sky with the Milky Way over Silverthorne, Colorado


Because of the early church listening to movements of the Spirit..

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