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A wooden crucifix hanging in a car window

#Blessed and #Cursed

What makes us #blessed or #cursed is not whether we have money, fame, and a good reputation.

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A person sitting looking out at a peaceful lake

Preparing to Receive God’s Wisdom

We can imitate the example of Jesus, making time for solitude and silence so that we might hear the “still, small voice” of God’s Spirit.

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An old man sitting in a doorway with a cane and a shabby bag

Have Mercy on Me!

When we ask God for mercy, we’re rather like several characters in Luke 18: the desperate widow seeking justice, the tax collector crying out for forgiveness, the babies being carried to Jesus, the rich people who cannot save themselves.

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A young man with a very puzzled expression

Encouraging Denseness

We can be encouraged by the denseness of Jesus’s first disciples as they are portrayed in the biblical gospels.

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A little boy playing in a puddle

When Things are Clear as Mud

Sometimes we have a hard time figuring out God and God’s ways.

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A group of people sitting with their arms linked looking out over a lake

Jesus Offers Even More Than Heaven

Following Jesus requires sacrifice. He makes that clear. But with the sacrifice come plentiful benefits.

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A man and woman embracing on their anniversary

Today This Scripture Has Been Fulfilled

Gifts are given for mission and for ministry, and there is no promise that ministry will be easy.

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A sign that says "With God, All Things are Possible"

God of the Possible

Jesus came to save us, not only in the age to come, but in this age.

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A woman in distress reaching over the edge of a wooden fence

When Being Good Isn’t Enough

Jesus shows us that we cannot be good enough to inherit eternal life. Only God is that good.

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A father holding his toddler on his shoulders

Receiving the Kingdom as a Child

When we admit our utter dependence on God and then choose to depend on God completely, we receive the gift of God’s reign in and over our lives.

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The Kingdom of God Belongs to Children

Our churches will reflect and embody God’s kingdom when we are truly inclusive of children and others who are so easily and often excluded.

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A father holding a child up in the air

Let the Children Come to Me

This story reminds us to be people who bring children to Jesus rather than those who stand in the way.

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A puzzled-looking man with his hat on backwards

Missing Jesus by a Mile

When we acknowledge that we might also miss Jesus by a mile sometimes, this reminds us to be humble and to rely on God for spiritual guidance in all things.

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A man kneeling on the ground in a woods praying

A Warning to Good People

Sometimes our effort to be “good” backfires.

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A broken down wooden cart in a field

The Parable of the Squeaky Wheel

Sometimes we pray and God answers right away. But often when we pray God seems distressingly unresponsive.

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