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Four hands clasping each other at the wrists

Women Followed Jesus

The example of Jesus challenges us to find healthy, holy, and fruitful ways for men and women to share together in work environments.

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A woman holding up her hands in worship

Responding to the Authority of Jesus: Awe, Worship, and Witness

People responded to Jesus in a wide variety of ways.

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A young child hugging a grandmother

Responding to the Authority of Jesus: Grateful Adoration

In Luke 7 a woman expresses love for Jesus in an extravagant, vulnerable, and even scandalous way.

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A young woman looking up with a questioning expression

Responding to the Authority of Jesus: Asking Questions

We respond to Jesus in different ways. Some reject him outright. Others are quickly drawn to follow him. Still others are intrigued and curious.

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A colorful sign that says "Welcome"

Responding to the Authority of Jesus: Not Really Welcome Here!

It’s easy for those of us who follow Jesus to welcome him into our lives . . . but only so much.

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Some young women gathered around a table for an outdoor dinner party

Shocking Authority

Jesus had the audacity to proclaim that the woman’s sins were forgiven, speaking with the very authority of God.

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A sign that says Good News is Coming

God’s Authority

When John the Baptist wondered if he was God’s chosen one or not, Jesus pointed to the amazing things he had done.

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An Experience of Jesus’s Unexpected Authority

We can’t always figure Jesus out.

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A man looking through a dirty window

Jesus’s Unexpected Authority

We can be honest with Jesus about our doubts and questions, just like John the Baptist.

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A person standing on a hill looking at a sunrise

The Unequaled Authority of Jesus

The authority of Jesus is unequaled.

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A stone bench with "Compassion" on the side

Compassion Motivates Authority

Jesus was not some hard-hearted tyrant, one who exercised authority in an uncaring way. Rather, he was moved by compassion, by tender care for the struggles and sufferings of those he came to serve.

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A hiker looking out at a skyline of purple clouds

The Exceptional Authority of Jesus

Jesus heals bodies, sets captives free, and establishes God’s justice.

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A woman holding a mug that says "Like a Boss"

Valuing the People Entrusted to Your Care

If we’re the boss, if we have people who report to us at work, how should we think of them?

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Construction workers working on a building

Hearing and Doing the Words of Jesus at Work

If you want to build your life on a solid foundation, Jesus says you should hear and do his words.

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A young man with headphones on a busy street

Hear the Words of Jesus in a Fresh Way

No matter whether we read them quietly when we’re alone, or hear them read in corporate worship, or listen to them online, we need to hear the words of Jesus.

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