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The Hamburg Port Authority building

By What Authority Are You Living?

How might you respond if someone were to ask, “By what authority are you living?”

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Two women listening avidly to a speaker

Hanging on to Every Word of Jesus

People responded to Jesus in a wide variety of ways.

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A little boy peering through the railing of a staircase

Are You Hiding from God?

Religious people sometimes let their religion serve as a kind of hideout, a place of safety from accountability, maybe even a place to hide from God.

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The Roman Colosseum

Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem

May our hearts be touched by the heart of Jesus during this season of Lent.

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Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.

Welcoming King Jesus

How will we welcome King Jesus today?

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A man with his hands over his face

Confronting Our Fears

What keeps you back from serving God fully and freely? In many cases, the answer is fear.

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A person with a cross of ashes on her forehead

Ash Wednesday and the Story of Zacchaeus

Those who despised Zacchaeus labeled him as a “sinner.”

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A poached egg on a plate

Extraordinary Authority – Extraordinary Intimacy – Extraordinary Revelation

Jesus makes extraordinary claims for himself.

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A father holding a sleeping baby

The Curious Celebration of Jesus

Here’s a curious thought: God reveals his truth, not to “the wise and the intelligent” but to “infants.”

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A coach with a bench full of soccer players

Jesus the Coach

Jesus was an effective coach for his disciples.

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A father and daughter pushing a wheelbarrow

Jesus the Delegator

One of the amazing things about Jesus was his willingness to delegate to others many of the core activities of his kingdom work.

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A number of post-it notes stuck on a planning board

Jesus the Planner

When we do mundane work, such as organizing stuff, we can do this both in imitation of Jesus and for his glory.

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A doctor dressed for surgery

When Jesus Isn’t Nice

Jesus doesn’t want superficial niceness. He wants a truthful relationship with us.

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Woman leading photographer through forest trail

Counting the Cost of Following Jesus

What are you willing to give up to follow Jesus?

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A smiling elderly woman in a store

Living with Purpose Throughout Your Life

Clarity of purpose helps us to flourish as we live, not primarily for ourselves, but for something much larger than ourselves.

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