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A man dressed in black, standing and looking sadly downward against a black background

Character of God’s Kindness

Regardless of region, gender, race, background, whether we’re on a mountain peak or the stormy sea, Jesus can find us and easily reverse the domain of darkness with his Kingdom.

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A sailing boat with a storm just about to blow up

Subdued Seas

Mark 4:35-41 shows us that disciples must broaden their capacity of trust.

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A large rock wall called "Salvation Mountain" in California with many religious slogans painted on it, including "God is Love" and a large heart, with a cross at the top

Workday Prayers: When It Seems as if God Isn’t There for You

Is God even listening when I pray?

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A black and white picture of a baseball or basketball player with his head bowed in prayer

The Lord’s Prayer, Well, Sort Of

Christians often pray a prayer that Jesus taught his first disciples.

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A woman in red praying in the middle of a thick field of grass

Martha’s Welcome, Revisited

Sometimes we can get so busy doing good things for Jesus that we forget to spend time with him.

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A tree in the middle of a yellow field

The Mustard Tree

It is in the weeds and the kudzu, the death and the destruction, the questions and the uncertainties, the doubt and the longing that Christ is reconciling the world to himself.

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A black and white sign on the ground that says "Please help by keeping a safe distance of 6 feet. Thank you for social distancing."

A New World?

Rest assured that we trust in a God who is reconciling the world to himself.

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A number of hay bales in a field at sunset

Workday Prayers: Honoring God When Your Work is Going Well

We often pray for God’s help when our work is not going well. But what about when things are great at work?

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A welcome mat that says "All are welcome here" with a basket of apples next to it

Jesus’s Welcome

To whom is God calling us to reach out and say: “You are welcome here”?

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A sign that says "Hello Neighbor, Come on In"

Martha’s Welcome

One of the ways we live the gospel of Jesus is by welcoming people with heartfelt warmth and tangible care.

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A policeman sitting in a chair donating blood

Compassion and Capacity

God has entrusted you with a variety of gifts to be shared.

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A man wearing a hat that says "Love your neighbour"

Reversing Neighborliness

Jesus’s story encourages us to ask ourselves, “What sort of neighbor am I?”

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Monument at Camp Manzanar in California with Japanese characters reading "Soul Consoling Tower".

Learning Not to Pass By on the Other Side: A Personal Story

If we want to be people who love like Jesus, if we want to be set free from the bonds of privilege, then we can’t allow ourselves to “walk by on the other side” of the road, safely distanced from victims of injustice.

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A black and white picture of a man in a subway holding up a sign saying "Seeking Human Kindness"

Don’t Pass By on the Other Side!

If we want to love like Jesus, then we mustn’t be limited by our privilege.

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A man walking across a deserted street at night

Are You Passing By on the Other Side?

In Jesus’s Parable of the Good Samaritan, when a man was beaten, robbed, and left for dead, two eminent religious leaders came upon him.

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