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A person's hand holding up a small clear globe that reflects the woods around them

Workday Prayers: A Prayer for Integrity

For the Christian, integrity is essential in every part of life, including our daily work.

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Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone Park

Workday Prayers: Thanks for God’s Faithfulness

All of us go through hard times at work. Sometimes we wonder if God is even there to help us.

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Statue of Jesus with outstretched arms in Lissabon, Portugal

Workday Prayers: To the Lover of Justice

No matter our particular role or responsibility, we can work to see that all people with whom we work are treated equitably as people created in God’s own image.

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orchestra waiting to begin

Workday Prayers: Praising God with the Products of Work

God is honored today when we offer our work in worship, even if we’re not able to craft musical instruments for use in church. All our work can be done for God’s glory.

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A man standing on a mountaintop at sunrise with his arms outstretched

Workday Prayers: God is Most High

Sometimes work wants to be number one in our lives. It seeks our ultimate allegiance, that which belongs to God alone.

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The Grand Tetons at sunset

Workday Prayers: Worshiping God Rather than Work

Our workplace can demand allegiance that feels almost like worship. But God alone is worthy of our full allegiance, our complete devotion.

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A rock climber climbing the side of a mountain

Workday Prayers: Remembering God’s Deliverance

When we look back upon our work lives, we see so many ways that God has been present, helpful, and redemptive.

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Horseshoe Falls at Niagara

Workday Prayers: More Majestic Than the Mighty Waters

God’s majesty and might are incomparably staggering.

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A middle-aged woman and two teenagers (probably a mother and daughters) in a field of sunflowers

Workday Prayers: Flourishing in Your Work

If you want to flourish in your life, including your work, live in right relationship with God, and through God with people and the world.

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Castle Tioram, Scotland, on a dark and foggy day

Workday Prayers: God is Your Refuge and Fortress

God is your refuge and fortress. God will protect you and deliver you.

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The hands of a baker preparing multiple loves of bread

Workday Prayers: Prosper the Work of Our Hands

We will work well when we pay attention to how God works.

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Beautiful fall leaves outside of a marble government building or museum

Workday Prayers: To a God who is Right, Just, Loving, and Faithful

As we praise God for his amazing goodness, we seek to be like God in all of life, including our workplace.

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A man praying in a dark room with his hands and head against the wall

Workday Prayers: For Times of Deep Despair

Psalm 88 gives us permission to tell the Lord exactly what we think and feel when life is unbearably hard, without holding back.

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A time-lapse photo of a busy street in Thailand

Workday Prayers: God Loves the City

May our work bless, not only the Lord, but also the cities and city people whom God loves.

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A young child playing on the floor with a paper heart

Workday Prayers: When You Have a Divided Heart

Sometimes we experience divided hearts in our workplaces.

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