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Design as a Catalyst Towards Redemptive Imagination: Part 2

In my previous article, I reflected on a bathroom makeover and wondered about the connection between interior design and redemptive imagination.

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Design as a Catalyst Towards Redemptive Imagination: Part 1

For a really long time, I have been fascinated by interior designers. I love to see a designer walking into a space that is dated or in disrepair and, alongside the client, reimagine what that space could become.

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Resurrection at Work

When was the last time you saw a resurrection at work? If you work in the medical field, maybe you’ve seen someone brought back to life. Most of us don’t get to see that sort of miracle unless we’re binge-watching the latest TV medical drama. But if we looked carefully, intentionally, perhaps we’d see resurrection all around us.

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Resources to Help You Celebrate Easter

Easter–it’s both a day and a season. It’s the day Christians celebrate the empty tomb, the resurrection of Jesus, and his triumph over the grave. But it’s also a season on the Church calendar. 

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