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The Harrowing of Hell as depicted in St. Mark's Church in Venice

We Are the Lord’s

No matter what happens, you belong to Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ is not just any old powerless idol. He is the God who suffered for us.

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Grape vineyards in Piedmont, Italy.

Making Great Wine

Great leaders rarely develop in isolation. As today’s text from the Apostle Paul reminds us, character is formed by enduring suffering.

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A man kneeling on the floor in fervent prayer

The Part of Thanksgiving We Often Forget

No matter what our country does today, we are free to let God’s kindness lead us, not only to gratitude, but also to repentance.

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A cherry tree in the winter sunlight with dew on it

Advent and the Earth

Creation groans and suffers from the results of human sin.

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A woman crossing a New York street at night in the winter

Advent and the Body

The coming season of Advent is an invitation to reflect on God’s redemptive plan and the characteristics of his coming kingdom.

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Someone standing in a desert area holding out their arms towards the sunset

The Bible and Your Body: Part 4

Worship, rightly understood, is a moment-by-moment choice to live for God and God’s glory.

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A black and white image of a brick wall, with "Kindness is a superpower" stenciled on it

Why Gentleness and Kindness Matter

Kindness and gentleness, though countercultural, are virtues God desires to build in us.

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Fifty Days of Easter Pictures

More than ever before, at least for me, these words of Romans 8 are very precious as we consider the year—more than a year—we have all just endured.

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A cherry blossom tree in Arlington National Cemetery

God Works in All Things for Good

Romans 8:28 teaches us that God is at work for good in all things.

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A person with a cross around his neck

Called to Belong to Christ

God’s calling is an expression of God’s desire to be in relationship with you.

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A set of hanging light bulbs

Keeping Christmas Well . . . by Being Full of Goodness

We will keep Christmas well when we allow God to fill us with his goodness so that we might share it with others.

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A butterfly on pink flowers in a field

A Living Sacrifice

As we daily become sanctified, daily undergoing our own personal transformation and offering ourselves to Christ, we will learn that each of us has a calling and that no calling within the body of Christ should be given pride over any other calling.

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An empty church with a crucifix hanging in the front

To Set the Mind on the Flesh is Death

In each of our lives, in our families and workplaces, in our public statements and private thoughts, we need to think through how we have participated in the fallen world of death and how we can seek out the redemptive world of the Spirit instead.

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A mother holding her child

Easter and COVID-19:
Nothing Can Take Away God’s Love from You

I have no doubt that sometimes Christians have spoken of God’s love in ways that are naïve and simplistic. I know I’ve done so at times. Maybe you have too. But, let’s be clear, the Apostle Paul was not one of these Christians. He knew all about suffering.

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A toddler in a Wonder Woman outfit

Easter and COVID-19:
God Is On Your Side

That God is for us is surely one of the most encouraging truths we can imagine. But the idea that God is at work for us doesn’t mean we simply sit around and watch.

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