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The Max De Pree Center for Leadership serves leaders so they might flourish in life and leadership. In addition to helping leaders grow in their effectiveness and wisdom, we join them in their search for meaning through connecting their Christian faith to their daily work. In a time when leaders face heavy demands as well as expansive opportunities, we also care for the person of the leader, so that each one of our partners might experience the wholeness of God and God’s kingdom in every facet of life.

The De Pree Center offers biblically shaped theological insights, practical resources based on solid research, digital devotions to deepen one’s relationship with God, and a variety of contexts where leaders can engage in creative, learning relationships. As a center associated with Fuller Seminary, we extend the seminary’s reach to leaders who have been called to God’s work throughout the world, in the marketplace, education, government, non-profits, arts, family, and the church.

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Life for Leaders

Life for Leaders is a daily devotional designed especially for leaders. Based on a close reading of the Bible, Life for Leaders helps people in diverse leadership roles grow in their relationship with the living God, the source of all life. This digitally delivered daily devotional also encourages leaders to understand their work and, indeed, their whole life, in light of God’s truth and calling.

Life for Leaders is a gift to subscribers from the Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Seminary. Dr. Mark D. Roberts, executive director of the De Pree Center, is the primary writer of the devotions, a task he sometimes shares with guest writers from Fuller Seminary and the wider marketplace.

The first Life for Leaders blog post will be posted on April 1, 2015.

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About Mark D. Roberts

Dr. Mark D. Roberts is the executive director for the Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary. With years of experience as a pastor and non-profit leader, as well as a mentor to leaders in business and other fields, Mark is deeply committed to helping the De Pree Center serve leaders in the marketplace, education, government, non-profits, arts, family, and the church. He envisions leaders flourishing in every part of their lives as well as their leadership, thus contributing to God’s work throughout the world.

A prolific author, he will provide resources for the Center’s work as the principal writer of the Life for Leaders daily devotional and as a major contributor to the Insights for Leaders blog of the De Pree Center.

Read more about our new executive director here.

About Max De Pree

Max De Pree, former CEO of Herman Miller and best-selling author writes about love, elegance, caring, inclusivity in the same sentence as leadership. Not the usual business book material.

De Pree delves deeper and inspires us to look beyond the how-tos to the why of leadership and its practices. Who we are matters, as do our relationships, when it comes to building successful, productive organizations.

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Life for Leaders, a daily devotional

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