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Two Types of Coaching

We currently offer two forms of coaching: Road Ahead coaching, and vocational coaching. Read on to learn more!

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Road Ahead Coaching

Road Ahead coaching is currently only available as a premium add-on to your Road Ahead groups. These coaching sessions help you activate all that comes up in your Road Ahead experience. Please register for a Road Ahead cohort for this type of coaching.

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Vocational Coaching

If you’re looking for one-on-one coaching separate from our Road Ahead cohorts, this is for you! You’ll have the opportunity to gain professional mentorship, develop your skills, grow in discernment around next steps, and kickstart (or supercharge) your ideas.

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Vocational Coaching Topics

Our coaches’ areas of expertise cover a wide range of topics to provide the best resources for your aspiring goals.

???? Business Expertise

How do I start, grow, or sustain a business? How do I become a better professional in my career? You will receive advice about questions like these and more from experienced business professionals as you tackle a diverse array of business and entrepreneurial related issues.

???? Leadership Development

Leaders face increasingly complex adaptive challenges in managing organizations, people, projects, and even themselves. You will have the opportunity to grow in your leadership abilities as you learn alongside experienced leaders.

☁️ Spiritual & Vocational Direction

Questions of calling, career, and vocation have never been more important. You will gain spiritual direction to make sense of life transitions and discernment of where God may be – and may be calling – in the midst of such changes.

Pricing & Scholarship Information

Vocational Coaching

$100 per session
You have the ability to purchase additional coaching sessions if you choose.

Road Ahead Coaching

$800 for three coaching sessions, plus participation in a Road Ahead cohort.
To learn more, visit our Road Ahead page.

Ready to Register?

In order to provide the most seamless registration experience possible, our Coaching program utilizes a two-step process of onboarding participants and pairing them with their coach.

Step 1: You register.

You can register at any time by filling out the registration form. Be sure to mark all of your preferences (about why you want coaching and the type of coach you’d prefer) on your registration form.

Step 2: We pair you with a coach.

  1. We use your information to select a coach to pair you with.
  2. We will inform both you and the coach of the selection. You both must agree to the pairing. (Should either of you not want to move forward, a new coach will be selected for you.)
  3. Once both you and your coach agree to the pairing, you will conduct a preliminary phone call to discuss your 1-2 felt needs and set some clear goals before your first coaching session. This phone call will also plan out logistics (time, dates, payment, etc.) as well as how to best structure and format the coaching sessions.
  4. Once the preliminary phone call is conducted, you and your coach can begin meeting.