Resurrection Stories Part 1

By De Pree Editor

May 22, 2023

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Series Introduction
In our research, we’ve learned that healthy marketplace leaders are guided by a redemptive imagination. They look at the world around them and believe not only that better is possible but also that they can play a role in bringing better about. Their version of better is informed by the way of Jesus and the values of the kingdom. 

How do we develop a redemptive imagination? We believe that one way to cultivate a redemptive imagination is by learning to see evidence of resurrection in our lives. In the shadow of death, where do we see God bringing new life? In the midst of despair, how does God bring hope? 

To help us learn to see evidence of resurrection in our lives, work, and leadership, we’ve collected a few stories from people like you who are also learning to see God at work in their midst. With each story, we’ve provided a few reflection questions to help you continue to cultivate a redemptive imagination.

New School, New Hope
by Laura Tosto

I am an art teacher and have taught in the same school for 25 years. The school will be closing its doors in the fall. I did not know where my new placement would be. Would I fit the staff in the new school? Would they fit me? 

I prayed. I cried. I asked for my preferences as far as placement. And then I was given my assignment: It will be at the same elementary school I attended as a child, in a low socioeconomic area of town. 

It is funny how things come full circle. I will get to inspire students with art and the ability to create just like I was inspired as a little girl. I will get to use my God-given talents to grow these students. I met my new administrator and we hit it off immediately. The staff is welcoming, and my new art room has a window to let in beautiful light every morning. 

I step into this new area and adventure with steady feet because I know God is going to bring something good and beautiful from this tomb.

Reflection Questions

  1. Put yourself in Laura’s shoes. How would you feel upon learning that your place of employment for the last 25 years was closing? 
  2. In what ways can grief make it challenging to be open to new possibilities?
  3. How did Laura’s new school placement stir her imagination?
  4. At the end of the story, Laura describes her new placement as an adventure, and she’s walking into it “with steady feet.” What do you think gives her that spirit of adventure and hope? What would it look like to cultivate that same sort of spirit in your life? 

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