Resurrection Stories Part 4

By De Pree Editor

June 12, 2023

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Series Introduction
In our research, we’ve learned that healthy marketplace leaders are guided by a redemptive imagination. They look at the world around them and believe not only that better is possible but also that they can play a role in bringing better about. Their version of better is informed by the way of Jesus and the values of the kingdom. 

How do we develop a redemptive imagination? We believe that one way to cultivate a redemptive imagination is by learning to see evidence of resurrection in our lives. In the shadow of death, where do we see God bringing new life? In the midst of despair, how does God bring hope? 

To help us learn to see evidence of resurrection in our lives, work, and leadership, we’ve collected a few stories from people like you who are also learning to see God at work in their midst. With each story, we’ve provided a few reflection questions to help you continue to cultivate a redemptive imagination.

From Heavy-Laden to Healthy and Happy
by Brandi Diamond

Almost two years ago I resigned from my full-time church ministry staff position after an internal battle between wanting to stay and knowing with confidence it was time to go. Since that time I have started my own entrepreneurial ministry, and it has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I left my previous work more depressed than I realized; and although solo ministry has its challenges, it leaves me smiling now every day. I recently saw a former colleague who I had not seen in some time. She remarked, “Brandi, I don’t think I knew how much you were carrying before. Your whole demeanor has changed. You look healthy and happy.”

In my home, I have this Louis L’Amour quote framed: “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning.” I want to be reminded as often as possible of the great hope of those “little r” resurrection moments Dr. O’Donnell mentions. There have been so many times I have wondered if ministry is, was, or still will be my calling. Today I am grateful beyond measure for this opportunity to live into some personal dreams.

Reflection Questions

  1. Have you ever considered leaving a job to start something new on your own? What went through your mind? What were your fears and doubts? What about your hopes and dreams
  2. What sorts of challenges do you think Brandi encountered on her journey from being weighed down in her previous job and healthy and happy in her new job?
  3. How does the Louis L’Amour quote Brandi mentioned relate to the concept of resurrection?
  4. Think about something in your life that’s recently come to an end. In what ways could that be a new beginning for you?

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