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A dove in flight near a skyscraper

The Source of Wisdom from Above

We have access to “wisdom from above” because we have within us the Spirit from above.

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A number of beautifully colored painted rocks, with one in the middle saying "Make the world a better place"

The Counter-Cultural Virtues of Gentleness and Kindness

Kindness and gentleness are not often valued in our culture, and practicing them may even impede our worldly success.

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A priest holding up a monstrance to three worshippers, with the sun reflecting brightly off the monstrance

Living as a Community of Forgiveness

Together, we are to be places in which forgiveness is practiced regularly.

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A beautiful wooden crucifix on the wall of a church

Reasons to Forgive, Part 2

Why should we forgive people who wrong us?

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Scrabble tiles forming the words "LET IT GO"

Reasons to Forgive, Part 1

Why should we forgive others?

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A group of people holding their red-painted hands together to form a heart

Tenderhearted Compassion

Ephesians 4:32 urges us to be kind to each other, adding that we should be “tenderhearted.”

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The Empire Diner in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

In Ephesians 4:32 we’re told to “be kind to one another.” That seems pretty simple, though we can easily forget to put it into practice.

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An older man sitting in a library, looking very carefully at an onbject through a magnifying glass

Taking Stock of Your Life

Sometimes it’s good to take stock of our lives, to prayerfully look at ourselves with courageous honesty.

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A young man jumping into the air and clicking his heels on a city street

Please God with Your Words

When we use words to tear someone down, God is grieved. But when we use words to build someone up, God rejoices.

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A young woman jumping in the air in front of a hill and a beautiful sunset

God Feels Joy Over You

Does God feel joy over you?

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A light-up sign displaying the word "JOY" in the middle of Christmas decorations of pinecones and holly

Can You Give God Joy?

Could using words to build people up actually delight the heart of God?

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A group of black and white middle-aged men holding hands and praying together

Another Reason Why Your Words Matter to God

We can speak in a way that glorifies God. Or we can speak in a way that grieves God’s own Spirit.

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A person watching a sunrise, holding out a glass ball that reflects the sunrise upside down

One Reason Why Your Words Matter to God

When the Spirit of God is active in our lives, we will be transformed to be more and more like Christ.

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A red brick church with a large sign on the chimney that reads "Jesus Saves"

Your Words Matter to God

When we use our words to tear down people rather than build them up, God is grieved.

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A freestanding wall with a painting on it of many diverse hands and the slogan "Love and Kindness are Never Wasted"

An Example of Using Words to Build Up

If we’re going to do what Scripture teaches and use words for building up, we need positive examples to encourage us.

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