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Our Mission

Forming Church Leaders to lead
faithful change in a rapidly changing and disruptive world.

Who we are

Under the direction of Executive Director Dr. Tod Bolsinger, the Church Leadership Institute (CLI) is a consulting and coaching group, a laboratory of church leadership, and the “Harvard Business Review” of the church. While there are a number of good resources and consulting groups at work in the larger church today, the De Pree Center Church Leadership Institute brings four distinct aspects to this work:

  • Convene: Through our alumni and partner organizations, we bring the diverse church together across denominational and cultural lines to address the largest questions and challenges for the widest possible learning. “We talk to people who don’t talk to each other.”
  • Research: Nested in a graduate school, our resources and experiences are grounded and will continually be grounded in research. Ongoing research will enable us to continually learn and offer those learnings to the larger church.
  • Reach: As a non-profit institution with a technology platform and international reach, we can raise money and serve churches that could never afford the expertise of consultant agencies and pour the money from our consulting services back into other congregations, thus strengthening the larger body of Christ
  • Formation: As an institution of formational education, our experience and expertise is on the formation of the inner life, character, resilience, and wisdom necessary for leadership—both individuals and congregations as a whole.

What we offer

Webinar: End with the Beginning in Mind: Practices to Increase Your Leadership Resilience in 2022

Webinar with Tod Bolsinger

On December 16 from 1-2pm PST. How can 2022 be different? How can this be the year that your turn the corner in your leadership and begin thriving again?

Church Leadership Resources

Resources from the Church Leadership Institute

Explore what it means to be adaptive leaders who can go into uncharted territory when everybody has been thrust into it at the same time.

Online Adaptive Capacity Cohort

An innovative 18-month online cohort led by Tod Bolsinger and team

Through an 18-month cohort process, you will discover how to be attentive and strategic about experimenting on the edges and re-shaping the culture within your church in order to more effectively BE the church for a changing world.


Professional Coaching by Tod Bolsinger and team

Our coaching framework is aimed at helping leaders develop adaptive capacity for leading your organization through faithful change in a rapidly changing world.

CLI Podcasts

Podcasts from the Church Leadership Institute

The Church Leadership Institute partners with the Spiritual Life and Leadership podcast, hosted by Markus Watson.

Tempered Resilience

Resources about Tod Bolsinger’s Book: Tempered Resilience

What type of leadership is needed in a moment that demands adaptive change? Explore the qualities of adaptive leadership in contexts ranging from churches to nonprofit organizations.

Anvil Leadership Support Network

Support Network of the Church Leadership Institute

The purpose of our network is to get you through the acute crisis and to bring long-term transformational change within yourself and your congregation.

Who we serve

The Church Leadership Institute primarily serves Pastors and Christian leaders seeking to bring change to their community. CLI comes along side those who have said, “Seminary didn’t prepare me for this” and “I’m not sure I can survive this.”

Pastors and Christian leaders are mostly trained to be teachers and chaplains, but a rapidly-changing, continually disruptive world requires that they also become skilled at leading change in their organizations where there are few best practices. CLI exists to come alongside those Pastors and Christian leaders who are attempting to lead faithful change.

To contact CLI, please email CLI@fuller.edu.

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