Third Third Flourishing Cohorts


Discern God’s calling to be a good steward in the third third of your life.

As you look down the road at the third third of your life, what do you see? What do you long for? Are in or approaching retirement and wondering what this means for your life? Are you looking for new purpose in this season of life? Are you eager to live fully and fruitfully, to make a difference in the world?

The Third Third Flourishing cohort helps you engage this vital season of life with meaning and purpose. Grounded in Scripture and drawing from current research on aging, purpose, and well-being, this theologically-rich cohort will help you discern God’s calling to be a good steward in the third third of your life.

Reach out with any questions, and we hope you’ll join us in a group soon!

What's in It For You?

Six Sessions of Reflection and Conversation

In six sessions, you’ll join your cohort for a two-hour session via Zoom. Some cohorts meet weekly for six weeks; others meet every other week for eleven weeks.

Insights from Scripture & Research

Each session provides insights on flourishing in the third third that are based on Scripture and social science and invites individual reflection on key practices.

Guided Spiritual Practices

Each session includes guided exercises, large group and small group discussions, individual reflection time, Scripture engagement, spiritual practices, and homework to facilitate the work you need to do in this cohort.

Fellow Travelers

Companions are crucial to any journey. Our Flourishing in the Third Third groups are intentionally small (10 participants maximum).

Third Third Flourishing Might Be Good If:

  • + You’re in or entering the third third of life (approx. 55 plus)
  • + You’re wondering what your purpose should be in the third third of life
  • + You’re in or approaching retirement
  • + You’re in transition
  • + You’re asking big “what’s next?” questions
  • + You have questions about what God is calling you to
  • + You would like to flourish, to live fully and fruitfully in this season of your life


San Jose, CA


I appreciate the thoughtfulness of how this Third Third Cohort is designed. It leads me to think through what a flourishing "retirement” life may look like for me. The topics, such as relationships, longings, health, gratitude, living with purpose, etc., are very relevant. I learned that a flourishing third third life is multifaceted. It is not about being productive by doing as many things as before but being more intentional in joy and relationships, especially a continuing formative relationship with God.

Kalamazoo, MI


The Flourishing cohort has been an excellent reflection opportunity. The simple and thought-provoking exercises and conversations challenged my thinking about my relationships, attitude, and calling each week. In addition, my cohort colleagues and workshop facilitator were a rich source of biblical wisdom, sage thinking, personal stories, and camaraderie. Thank you for the powerful growth experience!

Danville, VA


In a culture that attaches so much hopelessness and inevitability to the negative aspects of aging, it was incredibly heartening to discover the biblical and scientific foundations for flourishing later in life. The overall experience was wonderful in many ways, but perhaps the most meaningful 'takeaway' was that there is every reason to anticipate good things coming to my life as I age, and that there are specific steps I can take to secure those preferred outcomes. I feel much more prepared to thrive in my third third, and I feel significantly more prepared to help others thrive in that season, as well. If you want to learn to flourish as you age, or if you serve those who are part of the third /third, I heartily recommend this cohort!

Houston, TX


Through my 3/3 cohort I gained a community of positive regard. Not only did we exchange thoughts on who God is calling us to be in the 3/3 of life, but also we had fun as we used the curriculum to explore thoughts that have only begun to emerge. An excellent way to hear what we may not have had the space to say before about aging.

Dallas, TX


The Third Third Flourishing Cohort was an excellent opportunity to explore with fellow travelers what it means to flourish in the third third of life and what steps I need to take to get there. The carefully researched material we explored and the helpful conversations we had with one another increased my excitement about being a third third-er.

Charlestown, New Hampshire


For me, I think what was most impactful, was the affirmation of God's plans and purposes for our lives. The cohort helped to both qualify and quantify this for the new and next season my wife and I are walking through. Also, the commonality of fellowship each of us shared – we are in this together – was a point of encouragement and, really, enjoyment.

Cohort Schedule & Details

We offer cohorts on a trimester rhythm in the winter, summer, and fall. Here are the cohort types, dates, and times for the upcoming trimester. For later trimesters, please check back later.


Cohort 1 with George MimmsEvery Monday, starting 3/20/23 to 4/24/234:00–6:00 PM (Pacific)Online (via Zoom)OPEN
Cohort 2 with Hilda DavisEvery Tuesday, starting 3/21/23 to 4/25/234:30–6:30 PM (Pacific)Online (via Zoom)OPEN
Cohort 3 with Lynn TownsendEvery Wednesday, starting 3/22/23 to 4/26/238:00–10:00 AM (Pacific) Online (via Zoom)CLOSED
Cohort 4 with Loy WarrenEvery Thursday, starting 3/23/23 to 5/4/23 (no meeting 4/6/23)4:00–6:00 PM (Pacific)Online (via Zoom)OPEN

Please note: participants are strongly encouraged to be able to attend all sessions.

Cost & Scholarship Information

Third Third Flourishing Price:

This includes: 1) six group sessions, each two hours in length, and 2) a PDF workbook with discussion questions, guided exercises, and spiritual practices to engage with your cohort.

Partial scholarships are available for our cohorts. Please indicate that you need a scholarship on your registration form or email us directly at connect@depree.org.

Meet Our Guides

We’ve curated a network of diverse and contextual guides to facilitate our Third Third Flourishing cohorts. Click below on their biographies to learn more!

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