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Resilience in a (Permanent) Crisis: Practices for Christian Leaders

As the pandemic and its implications drag on, it’s easy for us to feel dragged down. The demands of leadership in this season can feel overwhelming and exhausting. How can we maintain the strength and wisdom to lead? And how can we use the unique challenges we face, not simply to keep our organizations afloat, but to lead them into new experiences of adaptive change?

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Leadership Exhaustion and a Spirit of Adventure

“You know that the antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest?” “The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest,” I repeated woodenly, as if…

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God and Work: Resources from the De Pree Center

Are you looking for resources to help you make connections between God and your work? Do you want to experience the difference God makes…

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Life in Lockdown Devotional Series

During the coronavirus pandemic, millions upon millions of people are living in virtual lockdown. What can we learn about ourselves during this time? What…

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Find What You’re Looking For on This Website

Are you looking for resources related to leadership and COVID-19? Articles by Michaela O’Donnell Long, Mark Roberts or Tod Bolsinger? Life for Leaders devotions? Information on the De Pree Center and its staff? Click on “Read Post” to find quickly what you need.

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Finding Our Bearings in a Crashing Economy

At the De Pree Center, we exist to help marketplace leaders integrate their faith and work. For most of us, integrating our faith and work looks drastically different than it did just a month ago. A global pandemic and crashing economy rightly catalyze urgent questions about our businesses, our leadership, and our livelihoods.

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