Helping leaders like you live and work in a distinctively Christian way.

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Programs + Initiatives


We believe that some of the most transformative learning happens in the company of others.  Learn More →


This initiative enables people who are in or approaching retirement to flourish in this season of life. Learn More →


We're conducting multiple ongoing research studies on healthy leadership and other relevant topics. Learn More →

What We Do

We develop resources and facilitate programs that help Christian leaders across industries and seasons of life grow in their sense of purpose, deal with issues that matter, and move toward greater fruitfulness in whatever work God has called them to do.

Featured Resources

DGL in Redemptive Imagination in the Marketplace

Doctorate of Global Leadership (DGL) Degree Program, led by Michaela O’Donnell

Get the training you need to be an agent of God’s redemption and renewal in the marketplace through this four-year doctoral program.


Upcoming and Previous Webinars

Webinars designed to engage leaders in relevant topics for their faith, work, and leadership.

Make Work Matter

Book by Michaela O’Donnell
Starting at $11.99

Make Work Matter provides a blueprint for a better future. Filled with stories and insights from faithful entrepreneurs and built on solid research, this book will help you close the gap between what you’re doing now and the meaningful work you desire to accomplish.

The “Making It Work” Podcast

Podcast by De Pree Center & Theology of Work Project

Co-hosted by Leah Archibald and Mark Roberts. This podcast invites God into work’s biggest challenges so that you can live out your purpose in the workplace.

52 Workday Prayers, Part 2

A Devotional Guide by Mark D. Roberts
Free Download

Includes Psalms 51-100. God has given us the Psalms for many reasons. One of the main ones is to teach us how to pray. From the Psalms we get to know more intimately the God with whom we speak. This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Learn more about 52 Workday Prayers, Part 1.

What To Do with Burnout

Article by Michaela O’Donnell about burnout.

People in all industries and stages of life are experiencing burnout, and its effects are staggering. So, what exactly is burnout? And what are we to do about it?

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