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Devotions for Christmas

A Devotional Guide by Mark Roberts
Price: $6.99

Christmas is about the birth of Christ and his coming into the world, taking on human flesh. In this season, we remember God becoming incarnate, embodied.

Webinar: Inner Life of a Leader, Dec 2 at 11AM (PT)

Webinar with Tracy Matthews, Lisa Slayton, Inés Velásquez-McBryde, and Michaela O’Donnell Long

This webinar will be a year-end conversation and a guided spiritual practice meant to help you attune to all that God is doing in and around you.

Practices for Growth, Part Two: Lean In and Let Go

Article by Michaela O’Donnell Long

We carry so much of our stress about the unknown in our bodies. Whether it’s about our work, or our family, or the state of global affairs, consider this practice as a means to check in with yourself, attune to God, and cultivate the capacity to lean in and let go.

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio (1601-1602)

The Good News of Christian Leadership – The Way Jesus Christ is Lord

Devotion by Uli Chi based on Revelation 5:6.

“Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing at the center of the throne.”

Calling in the Third Third of Life

A Devotional and Small Group Guide by Mark Roberts
Price: $9.99

This ten-part devotional and small group guide, centered on Genesis 12:1-5, encourages us to guide our lives by the callings we have from God. This guide is especially for people in or entering the third third of life.

Hybrid Course: Forming Leadership Resilience

Hybrid Course by Tod Bolsinger
Price: $149.00

This course is for leaders who know that their capacity to bring change and lead through crises depends on their own ongoing transformation.

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