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Our webinars have been curated to address the topics you care about with the relevant experts. And while we speak with leaders across the spectrum of industries, all our guests have two things in common: a deep passion for serving Christ through their work and the generosity to share their perspectives with us.

Because we believe everyone should be able to join the conversation, all sessions are free to attend although you may be asked to reserve a spot ahead of time.

All Webinars

Designed for busy leaders, all webinars are held virtually on Zoom and uploaded after the event to watch on our YouTube channel. Each conversation runs around an hour, ideal for tuning in over a lunch break!


Webinar: From Surviving to Thriving

Tod Bolsinger


Webinar: Inner Life of a Leader


Webinar: Reconnecting Work and Worship

with Matthew Kaemingk


View from the Mountaintop: Leadership in the Ultimate Liminal Space

Tod Bolsinger with Jim Toole


Webinar: Living on the Encore Curve

with Andy Raub


Webinar: Finding Joy at Work

Michaela O’Donnell with Angela Gorrell


Intergenerational Collaboration: A Key to Third Third Flourishing and Transformed Communities

with Eunice Lin Nichols, Raymond A. Jetson, Sherreta Harrison


Purposeful Retirement: Live Well as You Make a Difference that Matters

with Marc Belton


Webinar: Building and Rebuilding Joy in the Third Third of Life

with Jim Wilder


Retirement Reformation: Abundant Fruitfulness in the Third Third of Life

with Bruce Bruinsma


Webinar: Life for Leaders Live with Uli Chi

Michaela O’Donnell, Mark D. Roberts with Uli Chi


Webinar: Women at Work, Transition and Transformation


Webinar: Aging Faithfully with Alice Fryling

with Alice Fryling


Webinar: Pursuing Meaningful Work in a Changing World

Magdoleen Meleka with Michaela O’Donnell


Webinar: Helpful Nostalgia

with Tod Bolsinger

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