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Our webinars have been curated to address the topics you care about with the relevant experts. And while we speak with leaders across the spectrum of industries, all our guests have two things in common: a deep passion for serving Christ through their work and the generosity to share their perspectives with us.

Because we believe everyone should be able to join the conversation, all sessions are free to attend although you may be asked to reserve a spot ahead of time.

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Designed for busy leaders, all webinars are held virtually on Zoom and uploaded after the event to watch on our YouTube channel. Each conversation runs around an hour, ideal for tuning in over a lunch break!


Aging Faithfully

Mark D. Roberts with Alice Fryling


Pursuing Meaningful Work in a Changing World

Magdoleen Meleka with Michaela O’Donnell


Helpful Nostalgia

Mark D. Roberts with Tod Bolsinger


Pastors, do you have what it takes to keep going in ministry?

Terry Timm with Kathy Young Deegan, Wayne Park


They Will Know Us by Our Love

Michaela O’Donnell with Jasmine Bellamy


Creating Wellness in the Third Third of Life

Mark D. Roberts with Hilda R. Davis


Leadership and the Challenges Facing our Neighbors Today and Tomorrow

Tod Bolsinger with Tom Sine


Third Third and the Church: Expansive Vision and Practical Tools

Mark D. Roberts with Amy Hanson


Why Mentoring Children Matters

Mark D. Roberts, Karen Pearson

Starts: 01-08-2024


Finding Unexpected Meaning in Retirement

Kore Liow, Mark D. Roberts


Mentoring with Distinction

Meryl Herr with Natasha Sistrunk Robinson


The Power of Purpose in a Pandemic

Mark D. Roberts with Richard and Leona Bergstrom

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